It took a while and the rumors were that Glory was going to hold their next European event in the capital of France, Paris. Initially the return of Gokhan Saki would be the big surprise to start great year but unfortunately he had to cancel.

Yesterday it was announced that heavyweight Rico Verhoeven will defend his title again against the relatively unknown Mladen Brestovac, and who had lost his last fight by Benjamin Adegbuyi which outgunned further reports in turn by Rico Verhoeven. Why they did not select the number two in the ranking Jahfarr Wilnis is not known.

The second title fight is between champion Saulo Cavalari and Artem Vakhitov. A much more interesting fight than the main event for the first time since Cavalari will defend his title and Vakhitov an opponent who may make the Brazilian actually difficult. Cavalari tried to force a match with Verhoeven, saying in an interview that he’d wanted a superfight with the heavyweight. 

The last title fight will be between Mike’s Gym fighter Serhiy Adamchuk and Mosab Amrani. Amrani managed correctly enforce a title fight after he had won the tournament. Something Glory at the start of the season made unique by each to the winner of that tournament fighting for the gold belt Glory. It seems that Glory is still looking for the right formula because even though a poster with three title fights seems particularly is yet again a very strange matchmaking. Especially the two title fights that are not even part of the main card. It will have his on reason why they chosen for such a thing but it is still remarkable. Murthel Groenhart will be fighting against Cedric Doumbe also a contest where you still wonder why they do not choose a stronger opponent for Groenhart. Furthermore, there will also be back to see a tournament contender in the lightweight division where Sittichai is the only name that has been announced. The winner of that tournament will play against champion Robin van Roosmalen.


Heavyweight Title: Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac

Murthel Groenhart vs. Cedric Doumbe

Lightweight Final Lightweight Semifinal: Sittichai vs. TBA

Lightweight Semi Final: TBA vs. TBA


Light Heavyweight Title: Saulo Cavalari vs. Artem Vakhitov

Featherweight Title: Serhiy Adamchuk vs. Mosab Amrani

Eddy Nait Slimani v TBA

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