I had a lot of fun during the workshop. The reception at Mike’s Gym was very cordial and warm. The instructions by Murthel Groenhart were absolutely fantastic. As a professional kickboxer he assessed the level of the group very well, which resulted in a challenging workshop. A workshop in which the main aspects of kickboxing - stamina, punches, kicks and the respect for each other - were addressed. We could entertain ourselves on the stairway and pads, resulting not only in sweat, but also in smiling and enthusiastic colleagues. The sparring resulted in healthy rivalry. At the end of the intensive hour Murthel threw in another competition element using our abs. Who was able to plank the longest? Several colleagues had it hard, but didn’t want to give in and with the encouragement from Murthel pushed their boundaries. After training a well-deserved protein shake was ready for a speedy recovery. All in all a very successful event with enthusiastic and happy faces. Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm.


As an entrepreneur, there is often too little time to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Murthel Groenhart creates an ultimate feeling of “being fit”. With Murthel I get the most out of myself! It has given me a better stamina and fitness.

I feel stronger and am less likely to feel tired. I can conquer the world since I started with Murthel Groenhart.


The workouts are fun and hard and really helpful.  Previously I had never done any martial arts so it was a whole new experience for me. My goal was to become more shredded while having fun as I hate cardio. That certainly worked!

In addition, my view on martial arts changed. I have gotten a lot of interest in boxing and I watch fights from a different perspective now.

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